Final Fantasy XI


Reference:     Aristophanes (The Frogs)

Level:               Overt

Description:  Final Fantasy XI is a 2002 video game made by Japanese Developer Square Enix. One of the quests within the game, Aht Urgan Assault, requires players to defeat four animals. One of these is a frog creature named Brekekekex, which summons chorus toads to the battle. Brekekekex koax koax is the noise that 'the frogs' make in Aristophanes' comic play. In the performance, the onomatopoeic noise is made by the Chorus (who represent the frogs) in a scene that sees Dionysus attempting to journey to the Underworld. Once in the Underworld, Dionysus plans to bring either Euripides or Aeschylus back to Athens in order to save the city. The plot is a comic triumph and is an excellent reminder to a modern audience that surrealist humour didn't start with Monty Python. Does this game (or any other in this series) contain any more Classical references?

Contributior: Daniel Goad