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Twitter-Constricted Classics Poems

Twitter-Constricted Classics Poems

My Rules:

1)    No more than 240 characters (all of these poems were Tweets first)

2)    Rhyme scheme = A, B, C, B

3)    3 stanzas

4)    Enjoy!

P.S. - I take requests.


My name is Messalina
Wife of Claudius
Famous for behaviour
Rome thought was odious

Married Silus in public
So a lot of people knew
Supposedly me and him
Were carrying out a coup

Narcissus a slave
Convinced Claudius of my ‘plot’
No fair trial was given
I was murdered on the spot


My name is Antigone
Both my brothers died
My uncle was the king
His laws I defied

Creon said no burial
Polynices was a traitor
But this I couldn’t bear
And returned to his body later

Alas I was discovered
I committed suicide
So did Haemon Creon’s son
I was meant to be his bride

dionysus new.jpg


My name is Dionysus
I am the god of wine
Join me and my Maenads
And have a real good time

Pentheus denied me
Said I was a fake
Using those he loved
His life I chose to take

Zeus he killed my mother
But he also saved my life
I gestated in his leg
Then he hid me from his wife


My name is Medea
My story is so tragic
To help Jason steal the fleece
I betrayed my dad with magic

That is not the worst
My brother I did slay
Jason dumped me later
And for this he had to pay

So I killed our children
Surely I am mad
I had no other means
To hurt their wicked dad


My name is Niobe
A daughter of Tantalus
With 14 lovely children
A productive mum I was

I said I was more fecund
Than Leto with her two
Her twins Artemis and Apollo
Then ran my issue through

All my offspring dead
A mother’s greatest fear
Now I am a stone
Weeping hubristic tears


My name is Icarus
I flew too close to the sun
But I had a pair of wings!
What would you’ve done?

My name is now eternal
As an island and a sea
My life’s descent began
The rise of my celebrity

Now I am a warning
To make the kids behave
But my immortality
Was worth an early grave



My name is Circe
A witch living alone
‘Til Odysseus arrived
Paused his journey home

I turned his men to pigs
From my spells he was immune
He’d taken holy moly
Entered my bedroom

Telegonus was our son
He took his father’s life
Came back to Aeaea
And his step-mum became his wife



My name is Alcestis
I gave my dying breath
So my husband would live
And avoid his time for death

His parents were no help
So Admetus turned to me
I did the noble deed
I showed true bravery

Heracles took pity
On my weepy spouse
Rescued me from Hades
And returned me to my house


My name is Actaeon
And walking out one day
I saw Artemis naked
For this she made me pay

Her modesty was hurt
Her ire had no bounds
She turned me to a stag
A sport for my own hounds

I was no longer human
My dogs tore me apart
They couldn’t hear the sound
Of my dying human heart 



My name is Priam
I was the king of Troy
Until I fell foul
Of an Odyssean ploy

The Greeks hid their men
Inside a wooden stead
Foolishly we let them in
And they made us bleed

Laocoon tried to warn us
But his advice we did not take
Because he and his 2 sons
Were eaten by a snake


My name is Creusa
I was left all alone
While my husband rushed off
In order to found Rome

Distressed in the dark
My death was a trade
For the glory of Aeneas
I had to be a shade

In death I supported him
And was bigger than in life
And thus I became a model
Of a good Roman wife

odysseus newest.jpg


My name is Odysseus
I am the king of Ithaca
I may not be the strongest
But no-one is more trickier

I got lost on my travels
Trying to get back home
But with Calypso/Circe
I made sure I was never alone

I had a good wife
Waiting for me
She asked no questions
My loyal Penelope


My name is Caligula
Raised in the Germania region
I had a little uniform
And was mascot of the legion

I became a mean emperor
A tyrant on a throne
I oddly tried to make
My horse consul of Rome

But I was too much
I came across too hard
And so I was killed
By my Praetorian Guard



My name is Prometheus
I gifted humans fire
Stole it in a fennel stalk
My punishment was dire

While chained to a rock
An eagle my liver ate
Every night it would regrow
Perpetual torture was my fate

I once met Io
The unlucky wandering cow
And thanks to Heracles
I’m unbound now



My name is Oedipus
My life is so tragic
Trigger warning coming
The end is very sick

I solved the Sphinx’s riddle
So Thebes it made me king
But I’d killed my daddy
And fate was doing its thing

I was happy with 4 kids
2 daughters and 2 sons
But my lovely wife
Was my dear old mum



My name is Atalanta
My dad wanted a son
He exposed me in the wild
When I was very young

But I survived his test
Went hunting for a boar
Hurt the Calydonian beast
Through his flesh I tore

Hippomenes with his apples
Beat me on the run
We were turned to lions
For our illicit fun


My name is Polyphemus
I used to be relaxed
Nobody was a problem
He stopped me in my tracks

I used to be so happy
With my cheese and sheep
My mistake was being partial
To a bit of human meat

Then I got too drunk
On Mr Wily’s wine
He poked out my eyeball
And made me wholly blind

What have the Romans (and the Greeks) ever done for me?

What have the Romans (and the Greeks) ever done for me?

Some thoughts on Aeneid Book II by an English Teacher (Lines 506-558, 705-740 & 768-794)

Some thoughts on Aeneid Book II by an English Teacher (Lines 506-558, 705-740 & 768-794)