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Back to school and back to σχολή

Back to school and back to σχολή


So, as The Doors said on their hit-and-miss 3rd album Waiting for the Sun, 'summer's almost gone' and I'm typing this whilst the rain patters away on my final getaway before the term starts. 

But I'm excited.

The exam results for English were great (my usual subject) and I got an A* for my Latin GCSE! This Latin result was quite a few years in the making and I'm relieved to finally have it under my belt. A big 'thank you' must go to Classics for All and all the various tutors who have helped me over the years (Róisín Thérèse, Judith Tyrell, Will Bartlett, Bob Tatam et al) and my flashcard sergeant major, Keeley Hogg. I loved this learning experience and now I can't stop!

Just in case you haven't read the 'About' section on the website - in short, I didn't know Latin - I taught English. Classics for All gave my the funding needed to introduce Latin. We did. And this year our first GCSE Latin pupils completed their exams. We now have 4 non-Latin specialists delivering the Latin curriculum (and 3 of us have sat the GCSE and achieved A*s).

So what next and why am I excited about the start of term? Well, one word: Greek.

We've decided to carry on our Classics journey by learning Classical Greek. I've spent the summer using John Taylor's text books to learn the grammar (I took them on my holiday to Greece, which I thoroughly recommend as a way to learn Classical Greek by the way) and I have managed to get some translations of the set texts (Alcestis and Herodotus) to start working them out.

I have to say, I'm in love. I've never learnt another alphabet and to be able to read in this script is invigorating. Add to this the fact that John Taylor is introducing me to some great myths and history as I learn and (hopefully) you can understand why the rain in Suffolk, as I type, is actually a blessing. I've been able to study more Greek!

The next step is to think about how to introduce this subject to my school and at the same time complete my GCSE in May 2018.

Unfortunately, an A* will be out of the question because the new grading system (1-9) will be in place. Excitingly, I might be able to add a number to the list of letters in my 'Qualifications' column and that will be a very cool thing.

So, back to school next week and, excitingly, back to σχολή.

And my Eudaimonia is doing OK. 

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